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The A&O Friedrichshain is a unique hotel found in an area that is surrounded by charming galleries, bars stores and restaurants that is only five minutes from the East cross street car station.

Here it is possible for travellers to get around the city efficiently with transportation and come back to a fantastic open space that is perfect for organising groups of school children or kids of your own.

The hotels big garden area is perfect for volley ball , badminton or a good old barbeque party for a group. And when it gets dark? Everyone regroup in the Wii Lounge for another challenge of your favourite sport.
The comfortable accommodating is ideal for those who are looking for affordable housing while visiting the import city of Berlin.

Here it is possible for families to be comfortable, use the weekend child care and the equipped kids room, knowing the kids are taken care of and having a great time.

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A&O Berlin Friedrichshain, Boxhagener Strasse, 73 - Berlin

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